Aurora Kitchen

Our meals are created with two things in mind: nutritional goodness and mouth-watering flavour. It is possible to maximise one without compromising the other.

At Aurora Kitchen, we aim to cater for everyone. Whether you’re low carb or high carb, focusing on fat loss or fuelling for performance, gluten free or veggie, we’ve got you covered. Macros are provided on the menu allowing you to make informed choices and decide what’s the best fit for you on any given day. You’re able to eat out and enjoy yourself with something that compliments your physique rather than being forced to plan your day or week around a cheat meal. Our approach makes sticking to your diet both easy and enjoyable.

In addition to meals in the Kitchen, we also offer Corporate/Function Catering, Client Meal Prep and off site delivery. Aurora Kitchen is also available for private hire, please use the contact form for any enquiries.

Not sure where to begin? Consultations are available with one of our qualified nutritional consultants. For more information on our philosophy, see The Aurora Approach.

Aurora Kitchen
Aurora Kitchen
Heber Street
Heber Street, Newcastle

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